About TMI Lighting Solutions

The TMI Group is the sole agent & distributor for FX Luminaire for Sub-Sahara Africa. We offer a full spectrum of specification-driven lighting fixtures that can be utilized to create elegant landscape lighting systems for residential or commercial applications.

FX Luminaire is an industry-leading manufacturer of landscape and architectural lighting products with a focus on the advancement of LED Landscape Lighting technology and digital lighting control with zoning, dimming and colour adjustment capabilities.

Advantages of LED Lighting

Take Advantage of Superior LED Technology

LED based landscape lights provide a number of distinct efficiency and practical advantages. Due to these advantages, LED optimization is the future of the industry. With our cutting edge technology and unmatched attention to detail, we’re proud to be leading the way.

Energy Efficiency

LEDs are a lot more efficient than standard Lamps, which means they require far less Wattage to drive them. By changing to LED you will reduce your electricity consumption and hence reduce your electrical costs. LEDs are initially more expensive, when compared with discharge & fluorescent lamp technologies but if you factor in the lifetime of the products, labor for lamp replacements and the cost saving in terms of electricity bills, there feasibility from a cost versus benefit perspective becomes favorable.

A Professional's Game

Always remember that Landscape Lighting is an art, and just like an irrigation system, it requires a professional to plan, install, and maintain. In order to achieve safe, optimal, and long life from a lighting plan, a qualified installer should always be consulted to create the functions that an end user is looking to get from a lighting plan.

Heat Reduction

As the watt consumption is significantly higher, traditional fixtures become very hot, so much so they cannot be touched after running for only a few minutes. LEDs create heat as well, but far less than traditional lamps. This results in a longer lamp life, reduction in the threat of colour shift over time and extended fixture life. To safe guard against overheating, FX LED fixtures feature heat sinks, as well as temperature sensors. In the unlikely event of a fixture overheating, the FX board has a fully managed heat dissipation system that will automatically reduce the current which will actively cool the fixture down.

Fixture Life

All LEDs age and lose a little of their output over time, some more than others depending on the quality of the LED. This generally determines the price and longevity of the specified LED fitting or product.
Depending on the quality and the application LEDs can last 50,000 hours or more. At the end of their life they don’t just burn out like a traditional lights. LEDs slowly dim over time and at very low levels, so even after 50,000 hours of use in most situations LEDs will continue to illuminate sufficiently.

Our Services

Consultancy: Design & Project Management

Every design starts with a site visit to determine amongst others lighting demand, available power sources, areas or features that need to be illuminated and to determine the customers’ requirements.

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Technical Services

We are the sole importer and distributor of FX Luminaire Products to the Sub-Sahara African region, which require us to have dedicated staff to assist with any technical enquiry.

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A quality installation translates into minimal maintenance and future savings to your landscape or lighting investment, but invariably, short-term savings result in the opposite.

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After Sales & Training

Our highly skilled staff members in their respective divisions have over 100 years of experience combined thus allowing us to offer our clients a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure a smooth transition of operations.

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